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At Taki Plastic Surgery, our ultimate goal is to help make patients’ lives better through exceptional care and stellar results. Dr. Taki and his team love hearing from past patients about their positive experiences.

We invite you to read real patient reviews of Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Taki and his incredible staff.

“Dr. Taki is an amazing Dr. with an amazing staff. He is truly an artist! I received far more information than I did with other physicians. I never felt rushed and couldn’t be more pleased with my results.”—Real patient review

“Dr. Taki and his staff were beyond courteous, respectful, caring, and knowledgable. I had a lot of chest muscle to work with because of my years as an endurance athlete, but Dr. Taki was able to work with me with results that were elegant, beautiful, and felt completely natural. His staff went ABOVE and BEYOND to make my dreams come true, and the whole process completely melted away any fears or concerns I had regarding cosmetic surgery, and surgery in general. I had heard so many stories about the pain and side effects. The scars are almost invisible, the pain I had was no more than the soreness after a lifting workout. The experience could not have been more positive in any way!”—Real patient review

“The most important thing you should know about my review is that two of the surgeries Dr. Taki did were redos on surgeries performed by another surgeon. I can’t imagine this is easy for any surgeon, but my results have been amazing. He has always considered my safety first, then made sure my results were natural and proportionate.

The surgical environment has a quiet and calm energy and is state of the art (last summer I had shoulder surgery and I remember saying “I wish I was in Dr. Taki’s office”). Just as important as the surgeon (in my opinion) is the anesthesiologist. Dr. Bizel is top notch! She has always made sure I am comfortable and pain free, and I feel completely safe with her and the rest of his staff. His staff, by the way has been with him for many many years.

You have made the right choice if you go with Dr. Taki.”—Real patient review

“I love this man’s demeanor, business style, artistry, and personality so much that I wish we were next door neighbors! Not to mention that his office was 10 minutes from my house (I was planning on going to another state or country to get my procedure)! His charges were definitely in my price range and I have unlimited access to contact his personal cell with any and all questions! If you are looking for the Nose Guy in Arizona, you NEED to meet Dr. Taki.”—Real patient review

“Dr Taki is a amazing surgeon and truly takes the time to make sure his patients are happy and their needs are met. I had a tummy tuck done and he did an amazing job. In actuality a better result than I thought would be possible. I am 14 days post op and would recommend him 100%. In looking for a surgeon I went to several in Tucson and feel in love with his staff and all around care. Having plastic surgery is scary and a huge decision and he made it easy and made no false promises. I think he deserves 5 stars. I am a mother of 4 and he gave me my self confidence back. Thank you Dr Taki.”—Real patient review

“I live in Mesa and am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction by a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. I looked terrible and my breasts were hard. Dr. Taki made my breasts soft and normal. Last weekend I found a lump. Dr. Taki came into his office on a Sunday to do a biopsy. With what I’ve been through he knew I needed peace of mind. He is the best and I highly recommend him!!!”—Real patient review

“I absolutely love Dr. Taki (and his staff)! I’ve had several surgeries over the years and I’m so happy with all my results! Dr. Taki is very easy to talk to and also really honest. He takes the time to explain a procedure and answer my questions. Also, his nurses and anesthesiologist are really sweet. I absolutely recommend him!”—Real patient review

“My experience at Dr. Taki’s office started with my first phone call to book the consultation. The receptionist was professional and worked around my schedule. I was so excited to meet Dr. Taki because several of my friends had breast augmentations done by him and they all look great even years later. I expected the best and got it. Dr. Taki is so knowledgeable and kind. I had a ton of questions but never felt rushed when talking to him, he patiently answered all of my concerns and I scheduled my procedure. It’s been almost 4 months since my appointment and I just love my body. I feel so confident for the first time and I have Dr. Taki and all his staff to thank for that!”—Real patient review

“I had gastric bypass surgery in 2016 and it was finally time to start the skin removal sugar. Dr. Taki. did my lower body lift July 2018. He and his staff were so amazing. They made me feel so comfortable and answer all my questions. I love my results.”—Real patient review

“Staff is professional and amazing! I got chin liposuction and a direct excision under my chin. I highly recommend Dr. Raad M. Taki and I’m very happy with my results!”—Real patient review

“Dream maker… Dr. Taki makes dreams come true. He is honest, realistic, down to earth and his staff shows the same philosophy and work ethic across the board. He makes a once far fetched goal for me personally, so easily and comfortably attainable. His prices are reasonable, does not force you into using his services by charging for the consultation, gives you a year with written estimates to decide what you want to do, does not commit to work that is not achievable and makes you feel like your the only one not like a number or a paycheck. Thank you Debbie, Marlena, anesthesiologist, receptionist and of course Dr Taki!! I love you guys and will be back again.”—Real patient review

“I just had a breast lift and augmentation with Dr. Taki on 8/1/13 and I couldn’t of asked for a better result… His staff is extremely friendly (especially Kelly). I love the fact that he owns his own surgical facility and has his own board certified anesthesiologist on his staff. I would recommend him to all my friends! Can’t wait to see my final results as they heal. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.”—Real patient review